Double Gauze

What is Double Gauze and why do we love it so much?

Double Gauze fabric, as the name suggests, is actually made of two layers of woven fabric, tacked together at regular intervals with little stitches that are undetectable from the right side of the fabric. Each layer is gauze, which is loosely woven, giving it incredible softness and a flowy, lovely drape.  By combining the two layers, Double Gauze is able to maintain that softness and incredible drape, while no longer being opaque.  The two layers also add a soft squishiness that feels lovely to your skin.

As a 100% cotton fabric it is perfect for Spring/Summer clothing, especially unstructured styles. It is also ideal for making baby clothes, muslin swaddle blankets, burp cloths, muslin quilts, and much much more.

Double Gauze does not have "stretch" but because of the loose weave of the fibers, it can be pulled just a bit more than other woven fabrics and can, with care, be used for the occasional project for which knits would usually be advised.